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Loafer CLARKS Tamitha Gwyn Taupe Suede Women's qfSYt


  • Superior combination of performance, reliability and cost
  • 11 interchangeable models with common optical, electrical, and command interfaces for wide breadth of process coverage
  • Rugged industrial platform

Talon® is an exciting family of UV and green diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) Q-switched lasers that delivers an unprecedented combination of performance, reliability, and cost. With models from 6 to now >45W UV power, the Talon product family is ideal for a remarkable range of processes and applications with a common optical, electrical, and command interface for easy interchangeability. Based on Spectra-Physics’ It’s in the Box™ design, with the laser and controller combined in a single, compact package, all Talon lasers use field-proven technology to output upto >45 W or >500 μJ per pulse of UV, and in green models upto >40 W or 1000 μJ, with a wide repetition rate range of 0 to 500 kHz, high pulse-to-pulse stability and excellent TEM00 mode quality for tens of thousands of operating hours.

Suede Tamitha CLARKS Taupe Women's Loafer Gwyn Talon is a rugged industrial laser capable of supplying the long-term performance and low cost of ownership necessary for a 24/7 precision manufacturing tool. Talon lasers are ideal for a wide range of micromachining applications where extended production cycles rely on stable beam quality and high uptime. Features such as E-Pulse™, which holds pulse energy and pulse width constant over wide repetition rate ranges, ensure superb process control. For fast processing speeds, its performance at high repetition rates is ideal.

Talon is a flexible platform that allows matching the right laser to the process requirements and budget. The same features, characteristics and benefits are available in models producing from 6 to now 45 W of UV and 15 to 40 W of green output. Where short pulse widths are preferred, Talon excels with its high peak power and short pulse widths. Should higher pulse energies and longer pulse widths be desired, the Talon HE models provide 3 to 6 times the pulse width with high pulse energies.

Each of the Talon models feature the same interfaces, similar footprints and remarkable ease of use, making scaling existing processes or bringing up a new one straightforward and convenient. All Talon’s are bore-sighted, making replacement, if ever needed, simple and convenient. The laser can be remotely controlled via RS 232 or USB interface, and incorporates extensive on-board data logging of key parameters. Mode quality remains stable over the operating range, up to 500 kHz. The long life diodes, innovative optical and electronics design, and Spectra-Physics’ extensive experience in producing UV lasers for 24/7 applications make Talon a highly reliable laser for demanding applications.